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In the beginning there were two trees in the Garden of Eden.  One, a tree that brought life.  The other, a tree that brought death.  The serpent showed up and placed the focus of mankind on the tree that brought death.  Is it possible that we as a race have been focusing on the wrong tree.  We talk about good and evil, right and wrong.  We discuss what is moral and what is immoral.  All of these questions, however, were on the tree that brought death.

Perhaps it is time to shift our focus.  To stop looking to the tree of death by asking the question of good and evil.  Rather, let's start asking the question of life and death.  If we can shift our assumptions on this most basic of questions, we can change our entire paradigm.  If we change our paradigm, we can change the world.  

What will be the result?  I do not know the final outcome, but the first checkpoint has been reached.  I was recently invited to speak at Founded in Truth for Sukkot, and in that lesson I presented an updated take on the Darash Chai Experiment.  Listen here to learn more about Darash Chai.

Episode 47: The Name of God - Exodus 3:1-4:17

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In the Bible we are told to speak the name of God. We are to call upon His name and to not take His name in vain. The Name of God is something that has a lot of importance connected to it throughout scripture. But what is that name? Is it something that can be pronounced, or is it something more than that?

Episode 46: What's in a Name - Exodus 1:1-2:25

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When we come to the book of Exouds, we read the name "Exodus" and so that is what we expect to find in this book, and we are not disappointed. But when we examine the entirety of the book, the events of the Exodus end in chapter 20. And yet there are 20 more chapters after this point. The exodus is only half of this story. Is there something more? A greater topic in play in this book?

Episode 45: Knowing Good AND Evil - Genesis 49:28-50:56

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As we close out the book of Genesis, one idea is readdressed. The concepts of Good and Evil. And if we look at scripture as a whole, we may discover that we have some ideas about God and about good that are not quite accurate. What does it mean to know good and evil and to live our lives according to these definitions?

Episode 44: Kingdom Heirs - Genesis 48:1-49:27

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Here at the end of the story of Genesis Jacob is near death. His life has been blessed and he has lived 17 years in the land of plenty. But upon his deathbed he calls all of his sons before him and does something unexpected to everyone. First an adoption. Then a blessing. Many blessings in fact. What can we pull from this without getting distracted?

Special 04: Life and Death in Christmas

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What do the stages of grief have to do with Christmas? How can going through a significant life change cause a person to jump to conclusions and hurt those closest to them? Is it possible that a lie has been perpetrated on the people of God, and that both sides of the Christmas debate suffer from this lie? To discover the truth, we must go to the sources.

Episode 43: Shadow of Messiah - Genesis 46:28-47:31

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Unity has been achieved. The family of Jacob is reunited once again and finally, Jacob has found peace. His lost son has been returned, he has been granted security, not just physically, but financially, and all is well! But the famine still rages around them. The rest of the world is not yet safe. There is a transaction that must take place. The cost? Your life.

Episode 42: An Impossible Resolution - Genesis 44:18-46:27

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The test has reached its climax, but what possible defense can Judah offer for the release of his brother Benjamin? The same solution that has been present in scripture since the beginning. Covenant. The keeping of covenant supersedes all other concerns. And it is this that finally convinces Joseph of the change that has occurred in his brother's lives.

Episode 41: An Impossible Test - Genesis 43:24 – 44:17

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The first challenge that Joseph laid before his brothers has been completed. They have returned with Benjamin, and now begins a test. Can the brothers handle being shamed? Will they sit idly by while Benjamin is honored above them? What will they do when Benjamin is charged with a crime? Have they truly changed, or is there jealousy and division lurking just beneath the surface?


Testimonies is a new format audio only show that is currently in early development.  Below are three sample episodes of this show for you to listen to.  If you would like to see this show continue and grow, Please let us know that you appreciate the show through our contact form, and conisder donating to Darash Chai.

Testimonies: Preview 1 - Adam "Death"

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There is not story more foundational to everything that occurs in the rest of the Bible than the story of Adam. The first man. He started in perfection, and caused the death of all mankind. What if you could sit and listed to him tell his story?

Testimonies: Preview 2 - Noah "Obedience"

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What is it like to be the only sane man in a world gone insane. To have everyone look down on you because you live your life differently. And then to be proven right in the most terrible way. Could you start over? Even if those closest to you were working against you?

Testimonies: Preview 3 - Sarah "Hope"

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For a woman in the Ancient Near East, there is no purpose or calling in life greater than to be a mother. What happens when you know that you must provide in a way that you simply cannot? Where do you find your meaning, and can you retain your hold on to hope?

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