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In the beginning there were two trees in the garden.  One, a tree that brough life.  The other, a tree that brought death.  The serpent showed up and placed the focus of mankind on the tree that brought death.  Is it possible that we as a race have been focusing on the wrong tree.  We talk about good and evil, right and wrong.  We discuss what is moral and what is immoral.  All of these questions, however, were on the tree that brought death.

Perhaps it is time to shift our focus.  To stop looking to the tree of death by asking the question of good and evil.  Rather, let's start asking the question of life and death.  If we can shift our assumptions on this most basic of questions, we can change our entire paradigm.  If we change our paradigm, we can change the world.  

What will be the result?  I do not know.  Welcome to The Darash Chai Experiment.  

Episode 000 - Welcome to Darash Chai

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What does it mean to Seek Life? What is the purpose of Darash Chai? What is life? How is any of this different than what has been done before? Why should you care? Welcome to the Darash Chai experiment.

Episode 001 - Genesis 1:1-2:3 - The Purpose of an Image

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In this episode we begin to examine the Bible through the lens of life. Genesis 1. The story of creation. The chapter in which life is introduced to our world. This episode begins a four part series on ways to dig deeper in Scripture and to discover what it is that the author is affirming.


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