The Patterns Bible Project is designed to reveal the pattern based nature of the Bible in a readable and accessible format. For more information check out the informational videos below, and please consider supporting this effort to bring to light the pattern based nature of the Bible.

**LIMITED OFFER** Everyone who gives a one time donation of $30 or more or an ongoing monthly donation of $5 or more will receive EARLY access to Genesis and Exodus on the website that we are building for this project!  You can begin to dig into this incredible resource  now, without the wait, so why wait.  Help bring this project to life AND be among the first to expereince the Bible in a whole new way!  Donate Now!

What is a Literary Pattern?

Definition & Example: Parallelism

The Larger Pattern

Definition: Pericope

Definition & Example: Chiasm

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for more explainer videos on this awesome project.  Comig Soon...

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