The Patterns Bible Project is designed to reveal the pattern based nature of the Bible in a readable and accessible format. To learn more about this project, including how to instruction, please watch the videos below, and please consider continued support to help us in our continued effort to discover the patterns of Life.

Coming Passover 2021 - The Prophets & Portuguese

Work on the Patterns Bible has continued smoothly and as of January 2021 all but two books of the prophets have been completed.  We have only the books of Kings (combined) and Ezekiel to complete before publishing the Phase 3 release.  As always, all Patrons can access the work that we have completed up to this point.

We are also currently working on the back end of the Patterns of Life Bible website to incorporate localization to the site so that it can be read in multiple languages.  Our initial trial will be done in Portuguese to make the project available to a vast portion of South America and parts of Europe.  If you would like to volunteer to translate this resource into your language, please contact us and let us know.

What is a Literary Pattern?

Definition & Example: Parallelism

The Larger Pattern

Definition: Pericope

Definition & Example: Chiasm

The Index

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