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COVID-19 is on everyone's mind, and during this time it is easy to rush to decisions on how to conduct your life.  What is, after all, the way of LIFE in the midst of a worldwide pandemic?  To tell the truth, we are not 100% sure that we have a one size fits all answer to this question.  What we do know is that fear an panic are not the answer, but rather faith and continued obedience to the God of Life are and absolute necessity.  For many of us this time in world history means spending a lot more time at home.  Due to this, Darash Chai has now released the Torah portion of the Patterns of LIfe Bible. You can now spend some of this extra time discovering the pattern based nature of the Bible.  And always remember that in all situations, Seek Life in all that you do. 

Special 05: Interlude 01

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There are times in every life when you simply have to take a break. This is one of those times. In this interlude episode we take a break from the weekly parsha cycle to give an update on the progress of various Darash Chai projects, and then to discuss something that has been weighing on my mind. Enjoy.

Episode 71: Work and Shabbat - Exodus 31

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In Exodus 31 we read the final instructions that are given in regards to the Tabernacle. Several foreman are appointed and the final charge is given to commence the building project that has been commissioned by God. And then, as the final and seventh part of the instructions that have been the topic of the text since Exodus 25, the command is given to keep the Sabbath. There is in this chapter, a contrast between work and Shabbat. Two ends of a spectrum that we all engage in.

Episode 70: Separation for Life - Exodus 30:11-38

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As the first round of instructions for the tabernacle draw to a close the book of Exodus goes through a series of things that on the surface seem disconnected. Instructions for a census to be taken. Instructions for the bronze wash basin. And ingredients for the holy oil and the incense. When we dig beneath the surface of these four topics, however, and compare then together we discover something fascinating. A topic comes to the front that is a bit counter intuitive to the modern mind. But once we see it, we can recognize this theme all through scripture.

Episode 69: The Pattern of Prayer - Exodus 30:1-10

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The instructions for the Tabernacle and its items contain within them some amazing insight into just how we should approach God. This week we return to the tabernacle structure and examine a pattern that it contains that reveals perhaps the most important aspect of any relationship. Communication. God communicates with us in many ways, and we are to communicate in return with Him in return. This communication back to God is called prayer. For the simple fact is, without communication and prayer, can you truly be in a relationship with Him?

Episode 68: Sanctified as Priests - Exodus 29

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In the midst of the instructions for the Tabernacle we read of the process of ordination that the priests were to go through before they could serve in the tent. But what does it mean to be a priest? What is it that Adam, the first man, can teach us about this role? Peter, as well as John say that we are being built into a royal priesthood. How is this role of priest to be reflected in our own lives?

Episode 67: Garments of Honor and Majesty - Exodus 27:20-28:43

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Throughout the Bible, clothing is used as a symbol in various ways. Clothing caries with it the concept of bestowing honor, being beautified, or being covered in righteousness. So when we get to Exodus 28 we need to incorporate these ideas into our understanding of what is happening in this text. One man, one representative is being honored and elevated above his brothers to serve before God. But these clothes, perhaps more than any other, contain an extra layer of symbolism that reveals much more about the role and purpose of our High Priest.

Episode 66: Man's Approach to God - Exodus 26:31-27:19

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As we read through the instructions for the tabernacle we discover that they are told twice in the end of the book of Exodus. And if we examine these sets of instructions and compare them with each other we find that they are told in different order. Last week we examined the pattern that is revealed in the first set of instructions and the path that God takes when He enters into relationship with man. This week, we will examine the corollary and discover the path that man takes when we attempt to discover and reach out to God.

Episode 65: God's Approach to Man - Exodus 25:1-26:30

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This week begins a months long exploration of the Tabernacle, priesthood, sacrificial system and worship of the God of Israel. And this conversation begins in the book of Exodus? Why is it that we find that the last half of this book of the Exodus has nothing to do with the events of the Exodus? It is easy for us to simply turn out minds off when we get to these boring and repetitive blueprints. But in doing so we miss something. In fact, we miss a lot. Rather than turning our mind off and wandering away in confusion, let's engage with the text in ways that bring theses instructions to life.

Episode 64: The Parable of the Pattern - Exodus 24

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In Exodus 24 the text returns to a narrative once again, and for one chapter only. This narrative though, on closer inspection, acts as a connector. It closes off the wedding narrative that began in Chapter 19, and begins the tabernacle instructions that begin in chapter 25. Throughout this chapter we discover clues that point both ways, which reveals a truth that would have been understood by the original audience. The tabernacle was to be the place where God and Man dwell together as husband and wife. It is a home of sorts and the place where intimacy was accomplished. And this insight into the tabernacle begins our examination of the parable that is contained in the pattern.

Episode 63: With Justice for All - Exodus 23

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The Wedding ceremony of the ages is still in progress. The contract for the marriage covenant is nearly complete. And in this final section of the ketuvah we continue to read of the heart of God. And we see a shift in the focus in this chapter. No longer is the subject of the text, those who are in need of justice. Rather as we begin this section, the focus is on those who administer justice. This topic, as well as the 7 blessings of the ceremony are all included in this chapter.

Episode 62: The Heart of God - Exodus 21-22

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In an ancient wedding ceremony, there are certain things that always happened. One of those things was that the marriage contract was always read during the ceremony. When we understand the events at Mt. Sinai as a wedding ceremony it becomes clear that Exodus 21-23 are the marriage contract. What is contained in this contract? What does it reveal about how we should live? What does it reveal about our God?

Episode 61: The Block of Stumbling - Exodus 20

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What is the Law? What is the Torah? How are we to view the instructions that are presented in the Bible? How did Ancient people view the instructions of the Bible? The Torah is not what most of us think it to be. That is a bold claim, but the Bible backs this claim. For many of us, the Torah is a Law. A legal code that defines life. For others the Torah is wisdom literature. Simply a list of wise principles but in no way binding. But if we read scripture neither claim can be the whole truth. And so, just as always, we must consider what the Bible has to say about itself before we can arrive at some semblance of the truth.

Episode 60: Covenant of Marriage - Exodus 19

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The word covenant is thrown around a lot in relation to the Bible. But in the Torah there are two primary types of covenant used to describe the relationship between YHVH and His people. One is a covenant that existed between kings. That is not this covenant. The other is a covenant of shared intimacy. A covenant of marriage that bound two parties together, and put then in a mutually supportive roles towards each other. Beginning in Exodus 19, the language of Exodus takes becomes saturated with this type of language. A covenant of marriage. Between God and man. What can this possibly mean for us?

Episode 59: Discerning Counsel - Exodus 18

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At the base of Mt. Sinai Moses receives a gift. His bride and children return to him from their place in Midian. Along with them comes his father-in-law, Jethro, the priest of Midian. But Moses is not able to enjoy time with his newly returned family because he is occupied with responsibility. And so counsel is given on how to address this situation. But, who is Jethro? What do we know about him? Where does his advice originate from? And the most important question, what is the point of this story? Is it just a story about how to organize a community, or is there something more happening just beneath the surface?

Episode 58: Trials and Testimonies - Exodus 16:25 – 17:16

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Throughout Scripture the events at Massah and Meribah are used as a byword to describe a faithless people. But as we examine this story in the context of those around it, we find that this story does not stand on its own. Faithless Israel is a repeated theme throughout the pages of the Bible. But these stories are told for a purpose. They are told to increase our own faith. These stories become pointers to something greater. Something that we can each discover in our own lives if we look hard enough. And as we will discover, it is these stories that provide our greatest weapon in times of uncertainty.

Episode 57: The Wilderness of Trust - Exodus 15:19-16:24

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There are times in our lives when God asks difficult things of us. When He asks us to trust Him implicitly. When the path forward doesn't make sense to our mortal minds. These occasions are especially hard when we find ourselves in one of life's wildernesses. The question comes at these times. Can you trust the Plan? Can you trust the path that God has you on? Can you trust God?

Episode 56: The Sea of Creation - Exodus 13:21-15:18

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There is not another story in all of literature that is recounted more than the crossing of the Red Sea. It has been recounted for millennia, it has been the subject of countless movies and books. We are all familiar with the story. And that might be a problem. Are we so familiar with the story that we have lost sight of the text? Because there is something amazing that is occurring in the text of this story when we pay close attention to the text.

Episode 55: Setting a Baseline - Exodus 13:1-20

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In the midst of this epic story about the escape of Israel from the clutches of their Egyptian Overlords, comes a curious example of two instructions that break up the flow of the story. Why are these instructions, one or the festival of unleavened bread and the other for the sanctification of the firstborn, inserted here? What can we learn from these commands that means anything at all for us today?

Episode 54: With Freedom for All - Exodus 12:29-51

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At the Passover, all of Israel was saved out of Egypt and led into the wilderness. But if we examine the text we discover that "All Israel" includes some who were not blood sons of Abraham. A "Mixed Multitude" left Egypt alongside those that the world considered Israel. But the division of who is part of Israel and who is not does not stop here. The text defines for us where that line lays for future generations.

Episode 53: The Cost of Redmption - Exodus 12:1-28

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We often hear about what it cost God to redeem mankind. The cost in blood and mortal existence. But there is another cost to redemption that we don't often acknowledge. The cost of personal sacrifice. But what all does that entail, this personal sacrifice?

Episode 52: God of Distinction - Exodus 10:1-11:10

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We often hear that God loves everyone. That all mankind are His children and that He cares for us all as a loving father. But just how accurate is this idea Biblically? The idea that God loves ALL people? If there is one thing that the plagues of Egypt teach us, it is that there are those who will fall under God's judgment and those whom He will protect from Judgment. We already looked at the fact that God creates some for the purpose of demonstrating His justice. Let's take that idea one step further.

Episode 51: The Trial of the Ages - Exodus 8:20-9:35

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If there is one thing that we can count on to be revealed in the plagues on Egypt it is that these acts of God are in judgment. But is it simply judgment of the people, or is there a greater judgment going on? And if this is judgment, then when was the trial? Perhaps, if we look at the plagues in a certain light, we can catch a glimpse of the trial occurring in the course of the plagues. So join us as we consider the trial of the ages. The people of Israel vs. the People of Egypt.


Testimonies is a new format audio only show that is currently in early development.  Below are three sample episodes of this show for you to listen to.  If you would like to see this show continue and grow, Please let us know that you appreciate the show through our contact form, and conisder donating to Darash Chai.

Testimonies: Preview 1 - Adam "Death"

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There is not story more foundational to everything that occurs in the rest of the Bible than the story of Adam. The first man. He started in perfection, and caused the death of all mankind. What if you could sit and listed to him tell his story?

Testimonies: Preview 2 - Noah "Obedience"

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What is it like to be the only sane man in a world gone insane. To have everyone look down on you because you live your life differently. And then to be proven right in the most terrible way. Could you start over? Even if those closest to you were working against you?

Testimonies: Preview 3 - Sarah "Hope"

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For a woman in the Ancient Near East, there is no purpose or calling in life greater than to be a mother. What happens when you know that you must provide in a way that you simply cannot? Where do you find your meaning, and can you retain your hold on to hope?

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