Episode 104: Slander the Promise - Numbers 13

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First it was the manna. Then it was the leader. This week Israel speaks out again. This time against the Promised Land. And we begin to see a pattern forming. An outcome that is consistent in these stories that make up the middle of the book of Numbers. The motivations are different in each of these cases, but the resulting action is the same.

Special 09: Matza Special

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The time for Passover is upon us. Once again we celebrate the festival of our salvation and freedom. And as we approach this season it is all too common to hear a multitude of teachings on the Passover. And yet in all of this, there is a festival that is often overlooked. The festival of Matza. The feast of Unleavened Bread. Too often we get distracted by the Passover as we memorialize our freedom, and we miss out on what follows. The festival of Matza.

Episode 103: Slander the Appointed - Numbers 12

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Numbers 12 is a short chapter. But as we dig into this chapter we discover something foundational that is presented. A way of reading and interpreting the Bible that is easy to dismiss. And yet this chapter not only provides the foundation of this principle, it also provides an example of this principle. All while leveraging the narrative towards shining a light in what is perhaps, the darkest part of our hearts.

Episode 102: Slander the Gift - Numbers 11

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As we begin the second part of the book of Numbers, the text takes a sudden shift from organization and laws to narrative. And in these narrative portions of the center of the book we read of Israel's adventures in the wilderness. And in these wilderness adventures we begin to see a picture formed in the characterizations of the people. Not a picture of God, or a picture of Israel of the past. Rather a picture of humanity. Our own fallen nature is drug into the light and exposed for all to see.

Episode 101: The Promised Good - Numbers 9:22-10:36

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This week we reach the end of the first third of the book of Numbers. The bags are packed and Israel is ready to set out on the road. But there are a few small items to go over before the trip begins. And there is one important reminder to be given that will hold Israel true though the next 39 years.

Episode 100: Led by God - Numbers 7:89-9:21

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As we open the book of Numbers we read of the characteristics that were to define Israel. Twelve distinct tribes united into one nation. Each warrior with honor. Everyone working together with a united purpose. And yet there is still one thing missing. The human leadership that is in place is not popular. And herein lies the crux of the problem. Israel is not led by human leadership. Israel is to be led by God.

Episode 99: Dedication - Numbers 7:1-88

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In Numbers 7 we once again encounter a chapter of extreme repetition. And yet, in this chapter there is a word that is used for the first four times in the Bible. Dedication. Hanukkah. A word that has come to be associated with a winter festival, dreidels, miracles, and fried foods. And yet we find none of that here. Instead, hanukkah, dedication is a topic that transcends the festival and gets to the very heart of intentions.

Episode 98: A Special Vow - Numbers 6

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The Nazarite vow is a thing that is shrouded in mystery. What does it mean to be a Nazarite besides the thing that a person is to avoid? What kind of duties or benefit does the Nazarite vow give to a person? And for the sake of the flow of the text, who is the Nazarite vow directed towards? There is a class of person that was just passed over for the priesthood. How is it that this vow is addressed to them?

Episode 97: The Spirit of Jealousy - Numbers 5

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Numbers 5 contains a ceremony that has caused no end of confusion and consternation for quite a long time. A ceremony that not only seems barbaric to a degree, but also seems completely out of place in the text. Why now, or all places, does the text move to describe the water trial for the woman suspected of adultery? What is the context that this trial is speaking into, and what does it demonstrate about God?

Episode 96: Lord of Hosts - Numbers 3-4

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We often hear the title Lord of Hosts applied to God. But what does this word mean? Hosts? Usually this word is translated as armies and we think warriors, but if we examine where this word is found, we might find that it is used in some interesting ways that have nothing to do with warfare. Or does it?

Episode 95: Count the Cost - Numbers 1-2

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The book of Numbers begins as one of the more boring parts of the Bible to be found. Long lists of numbers and positions that really don't matter today. What does it matter to us if the tribe of Zebulun had 57,400 men and that they camped on the east side of the tabernacle? The fact is that it is super easy to skip over these chapters, but if you were to do so, you would miss the key to something amazing. Something that is all to easy to miss.

Episode 94: What Belongs to God - Leviticus 27

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The last chapter of Leviticus contains some of the most counter cultural teachings in the Bible, as well as being one of the most confusing chapters. What exactly is going on with these valuations of a person? And what about putting things under the ban? And how does all of this fit in with Leviticus anyway?

Episode 93: The Blessing AND the Curse - Leviticus 26

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At the end of Leviticus we read a list of blessings and curses. Things that the nation of Israel can expect to occur in response to obedience or disobedience to God's Instruction. The blessings point us backward to something that we have already read in Scripture, and the curses point forward to something that will occur in Scripture. And not a single one of these blessings and curses are for the individual. They are a response to the community at large. And they give a picture of things yet to come.

Episode 92: The Year of Jubilee - Leviticus 25

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Here in Leviticus we find a command that is given that embodies the ideals of justice, restoration, and redemption. Ideals that are at the heart of the Torah. And yet if we continue in scripture we find that these instructions were never once carried out by Israel. In fact, we read later in the Hebrew Scriptures that it was Israel's failure to keep this command that was the reason for 70 years of captivity in Babylon. But this command, these ideals are at the heart of the Torah, and they are at the heart of Yeshua's ministry.

Episode 91: Lessons in Leadership - Leviticus 24

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As we read through Leviticus 24 from a Western perspective, many shake their heads as they wonder just why this chapter appears at this point. What exactly is this chapter doing at this spot? And it is an inconclusive answer to this question that leads some to make up various answers. However, if we stop and consider every part of this chapter in conjunction with the chapters that surround it and where we are in Leviticus, we might just find that there is an important topic being addressed. An important aspect of community.

Episode 90: Festival and Assembly - Leviticus 22:26-23:44

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The fourth movement of the book of Leviticus, the last part of the book that is all about communal worship, begins with the primary events that bind people together. Celebration. Holidays and remembrances. When we first encounter the holiday cycle of Leviticus we recognize that there are seven festivals, but what are these festivals and what can they teach us about our God and His Messiah?

Episode 89: A Holy People - Leviticus 21:1-22:25

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It is easy for a modern audience to look to the text of the Torah and point out how simple or backward it is according to our modern and enlightened view of the world. This passage in Leviticus is a minefield of gotchas for this type of criticism. However, when we understand what topics it is that the Bible is addressing, rather than pushing our own agenda onto the text, we might find that what is being described is, in fact, quite profound as it teaches us about God and those who are to come into His presence.

Episode 88: Being Holy - Leviticus 19-20

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At the beginning of chapter 19 we read a phrase that is repeated all throughout Leviticus, and in the New Testament. We read that we are to be holy because God is holy. Usually we take this phrase and we steep it in the form of a command. We are to accomplish holiness. But perhaps that is not how we should understand that phrase. Perhaps there is something more and something deeper being revealed.

Episode 87: Avoiding Defilement - Leviticus 17-18

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The next few chapters of Leviticus once again feature a shift of topic. Now, rather than the text exploring the topic of clean and unclean. Now the text is exploring the ideas of holy and defiled. And it is these chapters that are referred to by the apostles when they explore the topics of holiness and defilement. So what are they, and what can we learn from them today?

Episode 86: Yom Kippur Special - Leviticus 16

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Yom Kippur is a day that is unlike any other. It is the Day when atonement was accomplished in the Hebrew Scriptures, and it was on this day that the sins of the people were dealt with. But there is one instruction that is attached to this day that is not explicit in its meaning. The command to "afflict your soul" is one that could have any number of meanings and purposes. What does it mean to "ve'innitem et nephshotechem?" and why is this instruction attached to this day of cleansing?

Episode 85: I Feel a Need. A Need for Clean - Leviticus 13-15

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Uncleanness is a topic that contains very little in the way of application for modern audiences. It is something that only had any meaning in the context of the tabernacle or temple. But this does not mean that the topic is useless and can simply be discarded. Uncleanness teaches something extremely important. And that something has a lot to do with the mission of the Messiah.

Episode 84: Cleanliness and Godliness - Leviticus 11-12

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The topic of uncleanness is one of those topics that have very little application in the world today. Uncleanness is a status effect that only meant anything in the context of the tabernacle or temple. So why should we care to dig into this topic any further? What can it reveal for us today? And what is it that defines uncleanness? If we can discern this, we can discover the answer to many of the questions that we may have on this topic.

Episode 83: A New Start - Leviticus 9-10

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Times will come in each one of our lives when we will encounter a new beginning. A fresh start with a new purpose or a new way of being. When this happens there are two ways that we can respond and here in Leviticus 9-10 we encounter both. There is a way that leads to death. And there is a way that leads to life. And at the time of new beginnings comes the test. Which way will you choose?

Episode 82: The Connective Tissue - Leviticus 8

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Not another repetitive chapter! Haven't we read this chapter before? Why is it that the Bible chooses to repeat it itself on so many occasions? Once again we are reading about the ordination ceremony for the priests. Once again with only a few slight differences. But this chapter repeats a chapter from a previous book, and what exactly can this chapter on ordination teach us about the nature of sin?

Episode 81: Sacrifice for Relationship - Leviticus 6:8-7:38

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In ancient cultures sacrifice was a way of influencing one god or another. A sacrifice would appease their anger or entice a favorable response. But sacrifice in the Biblical system is based on a completely different set of ideals. Biblical sacrifice was for the purpose of relationship and each sacrifice accomplished that goal of relationship between God and man in some way. As we close the topic of sacrifice we see the text revisit each of the previous sacrifices once more. And in the description of each we catch sight of the keys of relationship with the God of Israel.

Special 08: Sukkot - The Season of Our Joy

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The Festival of Sukkot is perhaps the most involved of all of the Festivals that are recounted in Leviticus 23. It is longer than a week, it requires living in temporary shelters and is the final festival of the calendar cycle of Leviticus. But what is this holiday all about? What does it symbolize and signify, and what in the world does an etrog have to do with this festival?

Special 07: Yom Kippur - A Day of Lifting Up?

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Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement is recognized world wide as a day of affliction. Why? Because that is what the text says. On Yom Kippur we are to "afflict our souls." But there is another chapter of scripture that casts the Day of Yom Kippur in a slightly different light. Yes, a day of affliction for the people of God, but what are we to do besides this. Is that the limit? Just fast, pray, and sit back and contemplate God? Or is there something grander in scope that is to be accomplished on this day?

Special 06: The Enthronement in Mark

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Yom Teruah is one of the most mysterious of the festivals that is recorded in Leviticus 23. There are no clear instructions, or even any meaning ascribed to the day. It is simply a day of blasts or shouts. That is all. But this day is spoken of throughout scripture in may ways, though seldom by name. When we look to the history of the day in extra Biblical sources we discover that it was the day of coronation. They day when the king ascended to the throne. There are many passages that explore this topic of enthronement, but none is perhaps as profound as the Gospel of Mark.


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Testimonies: Preview 1 - Adam "Death"

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There is not story more foundational to everything that occurs in the rest of the Bible than the story of Adam. The first man. He started in perfection, and caused the death of all mankind. What if you could sit and listed to him tell his story?

Testimonies: Preview 2 - Noah "Obedience"

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What is it like to be the only sane man in a world gone insane. To have everyone look down on you because you live your life differently. And then to be proven right in the most terrible way. Could you start over? Even if those closest to you were working against you?

Testimonies: Preview 3 - Sarah "Hope"

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For a woman in the Ancient Near East, there is no purpose or calling in life greater than to be a mother. What happens when you know that you must provide in a way that you simply cannot? Where do you find your meaning, and can you retain your hold on to hope?

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