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COVID-19 is on everyone's mind, and during this time it is easy to rush to decisions on how to conduct your life.  What is, after all, the way of LIFE in the midst of a worldwide pandemic?  To tell the truth, we are not 100% sure that we have a one size fits all answer to this question.  What we do know is that fear an panic are not the answer, but rather faith and continued obedience to the God of Life are and absolute necessity.  For many of us this time in world history means spending a lot more time at home.  Due to this, Darash Chai has now released the Torah and Gosples + Acts portions of the Patterns of LIfe Bible. You can now spend some of this extra time discovering the pattern based nature of the Bible.  And always remember that in all situations, Seek Life in all that you do. 

Special 07: Yom Kippur - A Day of Lifting Up?

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Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement is recognized world wide as a day of affliction. Why? Because that is what the text says. On Yom Kippur we are to "afflict our souls." But there is another chapter of scripture that casts the Day of Yom Kippur in a slightly different light. Yes, a day of affliction for the people of God, but what are we to do besides this. Is that the limit? Just fast, pray, and sit back and contemplate God? Or is there something grander in scope that is to be accomplished on this day?

Special 06: The Enthronement in Mark

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Yom Teruah is one of the most mysterious of the festivals that is recorded in Leviticus 23. There are no clear instructions, or even any meaning ascribed to the day. It is simply a day of blasts or shouts. That is all. But this day is spoken of throughout scripture in may ways, though seldom by name. When we look to the history of the day in extra Biblical sources we discover that it was the day of coronation. They day when the king ascended to the throne. There are many passages that explore this topic of enthronement, but none is perhaps as profound as the Gospel of Mark.

Episode 80: Guilty as Sin - Leviticus 5:1-6:7

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Just after reading about the sin sacrifice in Leviticus 4, we then read about the guilt sacrifice. A sacrifice that is in many ways related to the sin sacrifice and yet not. It is its own thing. How are they different? What do they reveal about us as humans? Sin brings guilt... doesn't it? If sin causes a person to be guilty then why two separate sacrifices? Is there perhaps something we are missing from the way that we usually conceptualize the ideas of sin and guilt?

Episode 79: This Body of Sin - Leviticus 4

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Of the various types of sacrifices that are described in the book of Leviticus, the sin sacrifice is perhaps the most misunderstood. As Hebrews says, it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sin! If this is the case. If the sin sacrifice never did take away sin, then what was its purpose? What role did it serve in the worship of Israel, and what can we learn from this sacrifice today?

Episode 78: Giving for Fellowship - Leviticus 3

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As we continue to read of sacrifice in the book of Leviticus, it is so easy to just move on and assume that there is nothing there for a modern audience. But it was the book of Leviticus that contained the necessary elements that allowed entry into the tabernacle and the was the foundation for the worship practices of Israel. If the tabernacle was a shadow of the heavenly as the author of Hebrews states, then we need to discover the shadows of sacrifice that will allow us to enter in before a holy God.

Episode 77: Attitudes of Worship - Leviticus 1-2

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When a modern person comes to the book of Leviticus, we first encounter the topic of sacrifice, and well, most of us don't last long. Sacrifice is a topic that is difficult for a modern people to engage with. We can't and shouldn't sacrifice today, Jesus is our perfect sacrifice, so why even bother? Well, when we combine everything that is said about the various sacrifices together, we discover a picture that goes much deeper than the ritual. Something that touches on the attitudes of the human heart.

Episode 76: God With Us - Exodus 39-40

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As the book of Exodus draws to a close we see a LOT of repetition. Nearly the entirety of the end of Exodus is a repeat in one way or another. A lackluster ending to a book that was so full of excitement before. And while this book seems disjointed, there is a common theme that runs throughout. This theme is foundational and it can be found in nearly every part of Exodus.

Episode 75: He Tabernacled Among Us - Exodus 37-38

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The tabernacle as a structure reveals some pretty amazing things about our relationship with God and His relationship with us. The author of Hebrews says that the Tabernacle is a shadow and a copy of a reality in the heavens, and that our Messiah has now entered into this heavenly equivalent. With this key we can see that the tabernacle reveals the Messiah's ministry. Who He is as what He accomplished are present in the tabernacle when we see the symbols for what they are.

Episode 74: Community Building - Exodus 34:27-36:38

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The last part of the book of Exodus gets extremely repetitive. And not even repetitive about the exciting bits, but repetitive with the tabernacle. It is so easy to just skip over these chapters and move on to something else entirely. When we do so, however, we miss out on something profound. Israel, for all their faults and failures, has finally come to a point where they are united behind a common cause. A community working together whole heartedly to build a dwelling place for God.

Episode 73: Before the Face of God - Exodus 33:11-34:26

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All through the book of Exodus God has been revealing His name to the world. We have seen His reputation, authority, power, and more. But what is it that drives all of these other aspects of the Name of God? This week we find out. In this passage God calls out His character to Moses, and then acts within that character to renew the covenant that had been broken.

Episode 72: A New Priesthood - Exodus 32:1-33:10

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The story of the Golden Calf in the wilderness is one of the most iconic stories in the Bible. Israel had just had a very real encounter with their God. They had agreed multiple times to the terms of the covenant. And then, once their leader is missing for a few weeks, they turn their back on the command that they had received. What precipitated this action? What are the implications of the fallout? Where can Israel go from here?

Special 05: Interlude 01

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There are times in every life when you simply have to take a break. This is one of those times. In this interlude episode we take a break from the weekly parsha cycle to give an update on the progress of various Darash Chai projects, and then to discuss something that has been weighing on my mind. Enjoy.

Episode 71: Work and Shabbat - Exodus 31

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In Exodus 31 we read the final instructions that are given in regards to the Tabernacle. Several foreman are appointed and the final charge is given to commence the building project that has been commissioned by God. And then, as the final and seventh part of the instructions that have been the topic of the text since Exodus 25, the command is given to keep the Sabbath. There is in this chapter, a contrast between work and Shabbat. Two ends of a spectrum that we all engage in.


Testimonies is a new format audio only show that is currently in early development.  Below are three sample episodes of this show for you to listen to.  If you would like to see this show continue and grow, Please let us know that you appreciate the show through our contact form, and conisder donating to Darash Chai.

Testimonies: Preview 1 - Adam "Death"

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There is not story more foundational to everything that occurs in the rest of the Bible than the story of Adam. The first man. He started in perfection, and caused the death of all mankind. What if you could sit and listed to him tell his story?

Testimonies: Preview 2 - Noah "Obedience"

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What is it like to be the only sane man in a world gone insane. To have everyone look down on you because you live your life differently. And then to be proven right in the most terrible way. Could you start over? Even if those closest to you were working against you?

Testimonies: Preview 3 - Sarah "Hope"

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For a woman in the Ancient Near East, there is no purpose or calling in life greater than to be a mother. What happens when you know that you must provide in a way that you simply cannot? Where do you find your meaning, and can you retain your hold on to hope?

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