COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 is on everyone's mind, and during this time it is easy to rush to decisions on how to conduct your life.  What is, after all, the way of LIFE in the midst of a worldwide pandemic?  To tell the truth, we are not 100% sure that we have a one size fits all answer to this question.  What we do know is that fear an panic are not the answer, but rather faith and continued obedience to the God of Life are and absolute necessity.  For many of us this time in world history means spending a lot more time at home.  Due to this, Darash Chai has now released the Torah and Gosples + Acts portions of the Patterns of LIfe Bible. You can now spend some of this extra time discovering the pattern based nature of the Bible.  And always remember that in all situations, Seek Life in all that you do. 

The Darash Chai Experiment Archives

The Darash Chai experiment is a show where the Bible is approached from the standpoint of life vs. death, rather than good vs. evil.  This show contains Biblical teaching and exposition in our attempt to Seek Life from a Biblical worldview.  Use the list below to discover archived episodes so that you can catch up.

Special Episodes
Episodes 000-010
Episodes 011-020
Episodes 021-030
Episodes 031-040
Episodes 041-050
Episodes 041-050
Episodes 041-050

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