Episode 000 - Welcome to Darash Chai

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What does it mean to Seek Life? What is the purpose of Darash Chai? What is life? How is any of this different than what has been done before? Why should you care? Welcome to the Darash Chai experiment.

Episode 001 - The Purpose of an Image - Genesis 1:1-2:3

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In this episode we begin to examine the Bible through the lens of life. Genesis 1. The story of creation. The chapter in which life is introduced to our world. This episode begins a four part series on ways to dig deeper in Scripture and to discover what it is that the author is affirming.

Episode 002 - The Temptation of an Image - Genesis 2:4-3:24

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Life is found in patterns. We have to learn the patterns of Scripture before we can find the things of life. In this episode we search two new patterns. Metaphors and Word Trains. How can we use these patterns to develop meaning?

Episode 003 - A Puzzling Image - Genesis 4:1-26

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Many times scripture is not clear when we wish it would be. What do we do with this vagueness? How can we find a pearl of great value in the midst of questions without answers? The answer may lie in the pieces of a puzzle.

Episode 004 - Propagation of an Image - Genesis 5:1-6:8

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Genealogies are perhaps the most boring part of scripture that we encounter. As we will discover though, genealogies can provide the backdrop for some of the most profound and philosophical discussions in the Bible. Let's put out tools all together and use them to see what we can discover of use in this seemingly boring and meaningless chapter.

Episode 005 - Descent into Corruption - Genesis 6:9-7:24

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The world is ending. What is pattern of destruction? What is the pattern of escape? What is really going on in the story itself? There are some awesome truths about righteousness and holiness hidden just under the surface of the Noah narrative. Join in as we dig deep.

Episode 006 - Our Great Hope- Genesis 8:1-14

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The world has been unmade. The time has come for it to be created anew. Peter says that we should always be ready to explain the hope that is in us, but what is that great hope?

Episode 007 - The Keys of Relationship - Genesis 8:15-9:17

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Once new creation has been started, relationship begins.  Not simply any relationship, but a covenant relationship.  What elements are needed to enter into a covenant relationship with another?

Episode 008 - Relationship Broken - Genesis 9:18-10:32

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Something happened in Noah's tent to cause Noah to curse his grandson. This story has confused and confounded generations of scholars and laymen alike. Likely what caused the curse is not what occurred in the tent, but what occurred outside of the tent. To discover the truth, we must first learn about Honor and Shame.

Episode 009 - The Knowledge that Deceives - Genesis 11:1-32

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The Tower of Babel episode closes off for us the end of the Noah cycle. As it does, it returns to the topic that it began with, but this time around, we get a new take on an old topic. What is it that CS Lewis called "The Great Sin," and what can Babel teach us about it?

Episode 010 - The Cost of Dedication - Genesis 12:1-13:18

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Here begins the story of Abram. A man of faith. A man of righteousness. A man of dedication. Abram is traditionally held up as a model for all who come after. He obeyed God when asked to do the inconceivable. He obeyed even when it hurt. In order to obey, he paid a cost.

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