Episode 011 - Contrast of Righteousness - Genesis 14:1-24

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As the scope of the narrative of the Bible goes from world shaping events to the life of a single man, so too does the topics and themes of Scripture change from vast to intimate. In Genesis 14 we see a contrast of two kings. One a king or righteousness in relationship to the world. The other a king of righteousness in relationship to God. This dichotomy should cause us to wonder. Do we really understand righteousness in the first place?

Episode 012 - Impelled by Faith - Genesis 15:1-21

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What exactly is faith? We all think that we know what faith is, but do we really? Faith is something that is both intangible but at the same time produces a very real and tangible result. Abram models this for us, as do so many others. What is faith, and how do we live lives of faith?

Episode 013 - Stranger Danger - Genesis 16:1-16

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It has been 10 years since Abram arrived in Canaan. 10 years since God made a promise to him. 10 years of waiting and disappointment. Have they missed something? Is there another option? The temptation to take charge is overwhelming. They aren't completely out of options....They've waited long enough. Time to do something.

Episode 14: The Sign of Humility - Genesis 17:1-27

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Circumcision is one of those topics that everyone has an opinion on. Is it necessary? What are the implications? The complications? What's the point? Does it matter? Let's explore the circumcision and see what the Bible has to say about circumcision from the very beginning.

Episode 015: The Spirit of Prophecy

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We usually think of prophecy as foretelling the future, but that is not completely accurate. Prophecy is so much more than telling what is going to happen. This chapter contains a sequence that reveals, not only the truth of what prophecy is, but what our response to prophecy should be as well.

Episode 016: The Righteous of Sodom - Genesis 19

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All too often we approach Genesis 19 in isolation and when we do so, we end up missing a large part of the story. We end up making rush judgments without all of the necessary information. What can we learn about Sodom and Gomorrah if we incorporate the rest of Scripture into our assessment of this story?

Episode 017: The Righteous Nation - Genesis 20

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In Genesis 20 we usually get caught up in what Abraham did and the unfairness and immorality of it all. Under the surface though there is a portrait of God and the way that He interacts with people. This lesson on God's character is one that we should not miss.

Episode 018: Flesh and Faith - Genesis 21

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Ishmael and Isaac. The sons of Abraham. One the son of the flesh. The other the son of the promise. This chapter gives us the opportunity to examine one of the most confusion passages in Paul's writings, as well as to examine ourselves. Are you a son of the flesh, or a son of faith. Both were seed of Abraham. Only one got the promise.

Episode 019: Living in Obedience - Genesis 22

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What do you do when God asks the impossible? What do you do when God asks everything of you? Of all of the stories of Abraham in the Bible, the story of the Binding of Isaac is perhaps the most iconic. It reveals the standard and shows a man, who has to trust fully and reveals the truth that absolute faith requires obedience.

Episode 20: The Life of Sarah - Genesis 23

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As we read through the story of Abraham, there is an essential person that is always in the background. The woman behind the man. When we speak of Sarah, we usually point out her lack of faith with Hagar, or when she laughed. Rarely do we ever try to understand her as a person. So let's do that. Let's get to know Sarah. You may find that you identify with her more than you know.

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