Episode 21: The Servant's Quest - Genesis 24:1-33

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Sarah has died, Isaac is unmarried, and Abraham is getting old...er. The time has come for Abraham to send his servant out into the world to find a person to join the covenant that God has made with his family. But who? How to choose? What is it that the servant should look for? Who is this servant anyway, and what can we learn from him?

Episode 22: The Message Delivered - Genesis 24:34-67

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A candidate has been found. A proposal has been made. Now comes the responsibility of sharing the message. But wait, the message that the servant gives is not 100% accurate to what we read before. Is the servant being faithless, or is there something else going on?

Episode 23: Death and Blessing - Genesis 25:1-26:11

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When we began this experiment, we developed a few tools that we could use to discern the topics of Scripture as we approach them. When we come to a passage that features not just one, but two lists of names, and then a few seemingly disconnected stories, what do we do with them? Should we simply skip past it as if there is no meaning? or do we slow down, take our time, and tease the text? If we take our time, we can discover that the Bible is full of profound and meaningful discussions, even in the most boring of places.

Episode 24: The Trajectory of Separation - Genesis 26:12-35

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Isaac the patriarch is the one that we know the very least about. Abraham was around for 13 chapters. Jacob will be around for the rest of Genesis. Isaac gets this one chapter to shine, and this chapter is vitally essential to the overall message of Genesis. Why THIS, confusing and unrelatable chapter? What do wells and covenants have to do with me, and with the church today?

Episode 25: The Sense of Obedience - Genesis 27:1-29

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This week we begin a long exploration of the last of the three patriarchs of Israel. Jacob, also known later as Israel. The time has come for Isaac to give his blessing to one of these boys. He wants to bless one, but due to his loss of sight and an act of cunning and deception, Jacob supersedes his brother Esau! Theft, lying, deception, these things are immoral, and yet God uses them to bless the world. How does that even work?

Episode 26: Rights and Responsibilities - Genesis 27:30-28:9

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The birthright has been purchased, but the blessing has been stolen. Esau is angry. And why shouldn't he be? The blessing, the leadership position over the family was his by right. Rules of inheritance dictated that Esau would lead the family in the future, but now, not the weasel, serpent, trickster, deceiver has stolen it all away. What is his response? Better yet, what would your response be in a similar circumstance?

Episode 27: The Wages of Justice - Genesis 28:10-29:30

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Jacob is now the defacto leader of the family of Abraham when his father Isaac dies, but he his also on the run for his life. This week we examine this story of Jacob on the run form his brother and into the arms of his uncle. If we were to examine this story in a vacuum, it would seem as if Jacob is beginning his life of blessing as the leader of the family of Abraham, but all is not as it seems. Before Jacob can receive his blessing, he must first learn of his failures. This concept begins a cascade in the life of Jacob, and if we allow it, this concept will begin a process within our own lives to begin to learn of our failures and how to overcome them.

Episode 28: The Days of Our Wives - Genesis 29:31-30:21

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Jacob has more issues that hold him back than his deception. He learned a lot from his parents, and the next thing that he is faced with is favortism. And with two wives, and sisters at that, favortism is bound to get him into a whole lot of trouble.

Episode 29: Desirably Imperfect - Genesis 30:22-31:2

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Upon the birth of Joseph, Jacob desires to leave Laban's house. He asks to leave, but is convinced to stay. It is at this point that Jacob gets to choose his wages, and he chooses the imperfect of the flocks of Laban as his wages. Then comes one of the most confounding stories in scripture. What are we to make of this? Why is this story even part of scripture? Let's dig in and see what we can find.

Episode 30: Deception with Integrity - Genesis 31:3-55

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The time has finally come for Jacob to leave Laban's house, but knowing Laban, it is not going to be easy. Jacob is no longer defined by the deception that was once his nature, and yet, it is still a tool in his arsenal. In order to overcome Laban, Jacob will need Integrity, but before that, in order to leave, Jacob needs to deceive Laban one last time. How can this be? Can deception be a tool used by the righteous?

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