Episode 31: Becoming Israel - Genesis 32:1-33:17

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Jacob has successfully withdrawn from the house of Laban. Now comes the confrontation with Esau. But Jacob is not the same man who left Canaan. His time in Haran has changed him, and before he meets Esau, comes a challenge. A man. In the dark. A contest of strength and will. And before he confronts Esau, Jacob becomes Israel. What did it take? Was this a process that occurred overnight, or has this been something that has been building us for the past 20 years?

Episode 32: A Matter of Honor - Genesis 33:18-34:31

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For the past few chapter we have witnessed the fact that Jacob is a changed man. He is at peace with all of his neighbors. It doesn't last long. Something happens in Shekhem that will shape much of what is to come. But do we truly understand this episode? How can an honor and shame perspective change our understanding of the tragedy of the destruction of Shekhem?

Episode 33: The Gospel of Genesis - Genesis 35-36

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Genesis is a book of origins. The origin of the world. The origin of the covenant. The origin of the family of Abraham. The origin of the...gospel? How do a trip, the death of two women, a blessing, a coup, and a genealogy reflect the gospel?

Episode 34: The Path Between - Genesis 37

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The story of the sons of Jacob begins in full in this chapter of Genesis. Once again, we find that as young men, there is a baseline of evil that runs through there hearts. But if we examine this episode of Joseph being sold into slavery from a perspective of life, we may discover an amazing example of just how the path of life is not the same as either good or evil.

Episode 35: Why Judah? - Genesis 38

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In Genesis 38 the text takes a detour that has caused a lot of discussion in theological circles. We know who Judah becomes. We know what Judah just did. And for one chapter we get a Judah centered narrative that tells us of his life between those two points in time. But why this narrative? It is confusing and confounding all at once. What is it about this chapter that it would be the one and only chapter of all of scripture that is focused only on the character of Judah?

Episode 36: The Accuser - Genesis 39

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We are all familiar with the story of Joseph in Potiphar's house in Egypt. Raised to a position of authority and then an accusation. If we are paying attention, we will recognize that the previous chapter contained a similar story of an accusation against an innocent. This parallel in these chapters opens up for us a topic of human justice. The process that the Bible gives from accusation to conviction. This is vitally important today. A day and age of weaponized accusations.

Episode 37: The Bread and Cup - Genesis 40

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Joseph has been on a downward spiral into the depths of shame for the past few chapters. Taken from honor to slavery to prison. Into this place of shame two new men are introduced. Two new dreams appear. Two new symbols that upon examination are not really new. The baker symbolizing bread. The cup bearer symbolizing wine. Symbols that take on a life of their own throughout scripture. What can we learn from these symbols, and what do they mean for Joseph in the depths of his shame?

Episode 38: The Humble Right Hand - Genesis 41:1-37

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Two years in prison, and for what? Because of a forgetful servant? Because of a lesson in patience? Or could it be that there is more going on here? If there is one thing that Joseph had plenty of still it is perhaps pride, and there is something that is necessary to address this before Joseph can be elevated to the place that God has for him.

Episode 39: Reversal of Fortune - Genesis 41:38-42:17

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There is a theme that we discover all throughout the Bible that can reveal our own role in light of our Messiah. This thematic element is not limited to the Bible, but is in fact one of the most popular tropes in any kind of literature. What is a reversal of fortune, and how do we see it applied in Scripture and in our own lives?

Episode 40: An Impossible Task - Genesis 42:18-43:23

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Nearly 20 years ago Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. Now he has been reunited with them. But Joseph does not trust his brothers, and this time, Joseph has all the power. Let the games begin. Have the brothers grown, or are they still the selfish violent brats of old?

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