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Judaism says there are 613 laws, but is this the correct way to understand the Torah?
The laws on sacrifice reveal the many ways God desires to be worshipped.
When it comes to guarding God’s law, which laws apply?
There is a growing movement to keep God’s law, but we shouldn’t discard the good with the bad.
Praise and Worship are not the same things…
The LORD’s Prayer and the Tabernacle mirror each other as a pattern of approach to God.
The Festival of Unleavened Bread goes much deeper than simply getting the leaven out.
The Plagues of the Exodus introduce the world to the God of creation.
When God enters into Judgment, there is a certain way He acts.
One of the most common questions we receive is, “how do you forgive?”
Forgiveness is an absolute necessity
The word Pasach is translated as Passover, but is this what it actually means?
The struggle in the book of Esther is ancient and goes back to the beginning.
In John 13, Jesus gives a new command. One that we can connect to an earlier statement in the chapter.