About Darash Chai

Many years ago life took our small family through a situation which caused us to question everything that we thought that we knew. About the world. About God. About life itself. In this process, it became apparent that perhaps we were asking all the wrong questions. That we were asking the questions that we had been trained to ask. As the process of rebuilding began, one thing became impressed on me. Seek Life. But what did that even mean?

Fast forward nearly a decade, and this imperative plea began to take on a life of its own. I began to recognize that life was something that is defined by the author of life. I began to recognize that the Bible itself tells us the question we are to ask. You see, in the garden of Eden, there were two trees. A tree that brought life, and a tree that brought death. The serpent caused Eve to focus on the tree that brought death. That tree? The tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The problem was that the questions that the world has been asking for millennia are all on this second tree. The question of good and evil, right and wrong, the question that is defined by the simple word “moral,” exists on the tree that brings death.

The other tree. The tree of life. Perhaps it is possible for us to seek out this tree once again. To begin to define life, not through the lens of good and evil, but rather through the lens of life and death. Through the lens of the Giver of Life, and Our Messiah Yeshua.

Out of this was born Darash Chai. A non-profit organization that is itself an experiment. An experiment in defining the things of life, rather than the things of death. Looking for life as it is defined in the pages of the Bible. Since its inception, Darash Chai has grown to encompass a podcasts the Patterns Bible project, as well as hosted events such as SWaP and raising money to assist the local foster care system.

So come along. Join us as we begin this experiment. As we begin to redefine our lives through a new lens. As we discover the things of life that have been revealed to us. As we begin to act out this life into the world. Seeking opportunities to spread life to all we meet. You are welcome to participate. You too can do this in your own areas of influence. Let’s build together a community of life. But this is a process. A process that requires that we first Darash Chai. That we first Seek Life.

Statement of Faith

We believe that God never changes. That His Word never changes. And that His entire Word is applicable, even today. We believe that Jesus/Yeshua is God’s Son, and our only source of salvation. No man can come to the Father except through Yeshua. We believe that we, as God’s children, show Him our love for Him by doing what He says.

We attempt to look at scripture as a whole through the eyes of the original authors. Using their context and their understanding to view scripture keeps us from seeing only with modern eyes, and upholds the integrity of the original message.

We strive to show others that scripture is alive and active. It can mold every aspect of our lives today. We attempt to see ourselves in each of the stories of scripture and to see ways to grow and change in light of this most wonderful Book.