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When Israel returned from Babylonian captivity, the prophet Haggai presented a message that is applicable even today.

2 Kings tells the story of a prophet who cursed some boys who were then mauled by bears. What are we missing here?

We hear a lot about grace in the Christian church, but what exactly is grace?

The patron client relationship often has a middle man. An important piece in the patronage process.

Salvation comes through faith, and faith alone, but what is faith?

When we pledge ourselves to an entity or idea, there is often a pledge that goes along with our allegiance.

Every covenant needs a witness, and the covenant that God created with Israel is no exception.

The book of Deuteronomy is written in a way that acts as a revelation of our relationship to God.

In His last week, Jesus is presented with a trick question on taxes, and Jesus gets to the heart of the matter real fast.

We often hear about resting on the Sabbath, but resting is not just taking a day off.

Christians have been tasked with spreading the gospel of Jesus, but what is the gospel?

Repentance is an action that is of vital importance, but what all is involved in repentance?

We often hear it taught that we need to repent, but just how important is repentance?

The phrase, “don’t be hasty in laying on hands” is often used to instill caution in people over who they pray for, but is this a correct understanding?

There come times in life that present significant choices. Judah faced one, and he could do the good thing, the evil thing, or the life thing.

Stephen is often called the first martyr, but this is a misnomer of sorts. There is a man who was killed for his faith that came long before Stephen.

The sacrifice that Cain made in Genesis 4 is often called an illegitimated sacrifice, but when we get down to it, Cain did nothing wrong with his sacrifice.

In both Hebrew and Greek there are two words that are translated as redeem, and when we compare them we learn more about our own redemption.

The 10 Commandments are iconic, but very few realize that they are given in parallel, and seeing this reveals a greater depth to these commands.

Pentecost in the first century was a celebration that had been around since Mt. Sinai, and when we turn to the first Pentecost, we find a wedding being described.

Jesus fulfilled the law. But what does it mean to fulfill something?

In Matthew 5, Jesus states that the Torah will not pass away until all is accomplished. Has it all been accomplished?

The Bible contains a pattern of the areas where temptation will strike. This pattern is found in both the Old and New Testament.

We often hear that the Bible is to be interpreted “line upon line,” but is this really what Isaiah meant in chapter 28?

It is impossible for works to save a person because it is not works that condemned us in the first place.

Romans 10:4 states that Jesus is the end of the Law, but what does that really mean?

When people find out that I am Pronomian, one of the first questions I face is, “but what about Galatians.”

In Revelation 1:10, John uses the phrase, “The LORD’s Day.” What does this phrase mean though?

In the Book of Deuteronomy, the Ten Commandments serve as an index for the rest of the book.

There is a simple rule to use when interpreting the Torah. Extrapolation.

Judaism says there are 613 laws, but is this the correct way to understand the Torah?

The laws on sacrifice reveal the many ways God desires to be worshipped.

When it comes to guarding God’s law, which laws apply?

There is a growing movement to keep God’s law, but we shouldn’t discard the good with the bad.

Praise and Worship are not the same thing…

The Bible contains a pattern that can be applied to prayer, and this pattern is found in both the Old and New Testaments

The Festival of Unleavened Bread goes much deeper than simply getting the leaven out.

The Plagues of the Exodus introduce the world to the God of creation.

When God enters into Judgment, there is a certain way He acts.

One of the most common questions we receive is, “how do you forgive?”

Forgiveness is an absolute necessity

The word Pasach is translated as Passover, but is this what it actually means?

The struggle in the book of Esther is ancient and goes back to the beginning.

In John 13, Jesus gives a new command. One that we can connect to an earlier statement in the chapter.