The Patterns Bible Project is designed to reveal the pattern based nature of the Bible in a readable and accessible format. To learn more about this project, including how to instruction, please watch the videos below, and please consider continued support to help us in our continued effort to discover the Patterns of Life.

Fall 2021 – The Epistles
Work on the Patterns Bible has continued smoothly and as of Passover 2021 all of the Prophets were released on schedule.  We now have released the Torah, the Gospels and Acts and the Prophets.

Localization into different languages had to be put on hold until we can get the back end of the website revamped. This is taking longer and is more involved than originally thought, so we will put this project on hold for the time being.

Next up we are going to be releasing the Epistles (the entire rest of the “New Testament” after Acts). We already have Romans, Ephesians and James finished for Patrons. To get early access to these books, please sponsor us and get all early released books.

Tutorial Videos