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Episode Listing

  • S2 E15 – The Challenge of Grief – Job 1-2

    As the book of Job opens we are introduced to a man who is on top of the world. He has everything that he could possibly desire. And into this blessed life comes a series of great tragedies. Each one on their own would be devastating, but these tragedies compound and compile until all that Job is left with is his life, and his grief. This book presents many challenges to the reader, but none are so applicable as the example of how to handle overwhelming hardship.

  • S2 E14 – Intro to the Book of Job

    The book of Job is shrouded in mystery. No one knows who the author is, the dialog throughout the book is written in beautiful Hebrew poetry, and there are endless debates as to the identity of Job. The beauty of Job is not found in these academic questions, however, and is rather found in the themes that Job addresses. Topics of suffering, faith, wisdom, counsel, tragedy, trauma, and more.

  • S2E13- The Conclusion-Ecclesiastes 12

    The final chapter of Ecclesiastes features one last poem before coming to the conclusion of the matter. This poem focuses on a topic that has already been covered in the book and it’s subject is one of the more common subjects of poetry to this day. The end of life experience. Unlike much modern poetry, however, the point that Qohelet makes is one that points us to God.

  • S2E12- The Longview-Ecclesiastes 11

    Once again, here near the end of Ecclesiastes we run into a chapter that seems to be simply a series of proverbs that, on the surface, are not connected to each other. But when we really dig into these proverbs and the ideas that they represent we find a pattern that coalesces together into a series of coherent and connected thoughts on how to approach life.

  • S2E11- Kings and Fools-Ecclesiastes 10

    When it comes to exploring the philosophy of life, there are a lot of little proverbs that a wise man will latch on to. In this chapter we find this at play. A series of proverb after proverb that seems to meander through several different points, but throughout each two characters seem to continually make an appearance. The king and the fool. Pray that they don’t both coincide in your life.

  • S2E10- The Great Equalizer-Ecclesiastes 9

    Last chapter the Preacher contemplated the limits of Wisdom. In this chapter, he continues to examine the limits of the human experience. While wisdom is a trait that everyone has to various degrees, the hard limit of death is one that is applicable to everyone equally.

  • S2E9- The Depths of Wisdom -Ecclesiastes 8

    Throughout the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon speaks of wisdom often. It is good, desirable, and makes life easier, yet it leaves those who have it in sorrow and grief. It is not until now that Solomon stops to examine wisdom and as he does he recognizes that despite all of the good traits that wisdom has, it too is limited in what it is able to accomplish.

  • S2E8- Between the Extremes -Ecclesiastes 7

    The world is full of extremes and throughout Ecclesiastes, Solomon explores the realm of the extremes. Wisdom and Foolishness. Righteousness and Wickedness. Rich and Poor. Life and Death. Even past and future are extremes. Extremes are all around us and it is all too easy to get stuck in these extremes to one degree or another. But there is a way of life that is revealed in this chapter. A way that is described as desireable, and that way of life is between the extremes.

  • S2E7- Unending Appetites -Ecclesiastes 6

    As we continue through Ecclesiastes we find Qoheleth continuing to discern the meaning of life from a materialistic viewpoint. What lasting meaning is there to be found in life when the human appetite is never truly satisfied.

  • S2 E6: Watch Your Mouth – Ecclesiastes 5

    James 3:5 – So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things. How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire! Chapter 5 of Ecclesiastes features a unique set of verses in the book of Ecclesiastes. Throughout the book there is a lot of back and forth, pondering the greater questions, and seeking to discover the good in life. In chapter 5 though Qohelet gives a unique warning to all who care to take his words to heart.