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Episode Listing

  • S2E7- Unending Appetites -Ecclesiastes 6

    As we continue through Ecclesiastes we find Qoheleth continuing to discern the meaning of life from a materialistic viewpoint. What lasting meaning is there to be found in life when the human appetite is never truly satisfied.

  • S2 E6: Watch Your Mouth – Ecclesiastes 5

    James 3:5 – So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things. How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire! Chapter 5 of Ecclesiastes features a unique set of verses in the book of Ecclesiastes. Throughout the book there is a lot of back and forth, pondering the greater questions, and seeking to discover the good in life. In chapter 5 though Qohelet gives a unique warning to all who care to take his words to heart.

  • S2 E5: Oppression, Trauma, and Unity – Ecclesiastes 4

    As Ecclesiastes continues, the author begins to delve into more diverse topics and ways of examining life. As he does, he touches on some issues that are hot in our current culture. As we examine these topics as described in Ecclesiastes and compare them to our culture, we can pierce the veil of the absolute futility of the things that the modern world tells us that we should focus on.

  • S2 E4: Times and Seasons – Ecclesiastes 3

    Ecclesiastes 3 opens with one of the most iconic passages and ideas in literature. An idea that is so foundational to our reality that many other authors over the ages have riffed off of this theme in their own works. We also find scattered throughout the Bible in various ways. What is so profound about the acknowledgment of seasons and how can this concept help us to find peace in our own lives?

  • S2 E3 – The Finer Things – Ecclesiastes 2

    As Solomon attempts to discern the purpose of life, he attempts to engage life in every way that he can think of. He seeks out every experience that men pursue to give meaning to their lives, and the first of these is the pursuit of things. Not just anything though, the finer things. Here at the end of his life, though, Solomon looks back on these things and he is able to draw a single preliminary conclusion from the interaction of engaging in labor for the purpose of acquiring goods.

  • S2E2 – Cycles of Life – Ecclesiastes 1

    The book of Ecclesiastes opens in a way that highlights the pointlessness of human endeavor. All things end and no experience truly satisfies because the experience fades and we find ourselves desiring or in need once again. In fact, Ecclesiastes might seem like an excuse to become nihilistic or a reason for depression. When we read this book with the conclusion in mind we find that what at first seems hopeless is in reality the very foundation for Biblical obedience.

  • S2E01 – The Preacher’s Wisdom – Intro to Ecclesiastes

    Ecclesiastes is the book of the Bible that gets the closest to a human philosophy of life. This book is so unlike any other book of the Bible that it needs an introduction. Simply jumping in without a firm grounding in the content of the book or its conclusion can lead to some incorrect or even devastating interpretations and applications. Before we dive into the pages of this book, we need to discuss the underlying context.

  • Special 13: Kingdom Life

    Making the kingdom of God a priority is the calling of all who believe. This way of living comes with many benefits as well as responsibilities. But what does it look like when it comes to the day to day living out of this kingdom? In this final episode of this series, we examine, what does it look like when you live for the kingdom on a practical level?

  • Special 12: Kingdom Benefits

    In the last episode it may have seemed as if all that we have to look forward to when we enter the kingdom of God is a never ending series of responsibilities to God and to others. This week we will change our focus and look at the benefits that are part of the kingdom centered life. God is not a slave master who simply takes without giving. He gives gifts to His people, and the gifts He gives are the most valuable things in existence.

  • Special 11: Kingdom Allegiance

    When enter into the Kingdom of God we enter in to a life of allegiance to the king of this kingdom. But allegiance is an idea that has lost any real meaning for a modern audience. What does allegiance mean? We have all pledged allegiance at one time to a flag or a cause. What does it mean to pledge our allegiance to the Kingdom of God?