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The last part of the book of Exodus gets extremely repetitive. And not even repetitive about the exciting bits, but repetitive with the tabernacle. It is so easy to just skip over these chapters and move on to something else entirely. When we do so, however, we miss out on something profound. Israel, for all their faults and failures, has finally come to a point where they are united behind a common cause. A community working together whole heartedly to build a dwelling place for God.

Ep074: Community Building – Exodus 34:27-36:38
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2 thoughts on “Ep074: Community Building – Exodus 34:27-36:38

  1. May Abba keep you & us all…. Very palpable truths about intentional community …the enemy has been working on that for the disposal of truth to dismantle family foundation & engineering all aspects of a fallen transformation of our lives to ideally become possessions of another kingdom entirely.
    Shalom. FJ

    1. That has always been the enemy’s goal. To enslave mankind to the system of the beast, and that is the default for man since Adam followed the beast rather than God. It is God and Messiah that calls us out of this and into a kingdom that is exclusively His. And that kingdom is then lived in community, because there is no such thing as a lone sheep. Only lone wolves…

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